Your city within the reach of everyone

Give a quality tourist service for your city or town is possible with Infotactile® custom devices.

Everything you might think is in Infotactile®. Send us your ideas and our team will make them possible.

Through Infotactile® you will get:
- Comfort to provide information to the client.
- Saving time for the workers of the centre.
- Complete tourist information and in several languages.
- You will show a modern and up-to-date image.
- You will collaborate in the elimination of thousands of paper brochures.

- You will provide 24-hour service and a unique interlocutor for all queries.
- 100% secure sale and payment system.
- Instant control of sales and commissions through various devices.
You will find our devices available both for INDOOR or EXTERIOR installation. Do not sacrifice the quality of your service and offer the best of it in and out of your centre.

The best choice for the PROMOTION, DEVELOPMENT and SOLUTIONS.

All the information of your business in the hands of your customers.

With Infotactile®, your promotions and offers will reach directly to the demand point of the same. Without investing in additional formats, such as brochures, and without making the customer go to a particular place to access them.

All with just one click.

Purchase a ticket, reserve a table or purchase a product is as easy as approaching Infotactile®, access to the service, arrange the purchase and print the ticket.

In addition, Infotactile® allows you to offer customers discounts in real time, adapting these offerings to the availability of products and services.

Type of Infotactile® users

Infotactile® user is a person who is outside his/her home, for leisure or for work, and who has a series of requirements to cover and money to do so.

The probability that he/she would become a consumer of our establishment is far superior to another type of user.

The ability of Infotactile® to directly reach this type of consumers, without wasting efforts on targets that do not interest us, becomes its advertising in one of the most effective on the market, increasing the chances of success per hit that it generates.


A basic ad contains:
In addition...
  • Sell your tickets and products.

    Directly on the device.
    Payment gateway by credit card.

  • Application for mobile devices.

    Your customers will take Infotactile® information outside the hotel.

  • Bar Code reader.

    The brochures come alive. Combine your traditional advertising with Infotactile®.